How to install MIUI updates manually early

To complement the high refresh rate display, the company has tuned MIUI to run at 120 fps. This is crucial, because refreshing the display 120 times is pointless if it’s not fed with a new frame on each refresh cycle. In the UI and compatible games, you can switch between 60 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate and clearly see the smoother motion offered by the latter.

poco x3 pro is good or bad

During the test, the battery dropped from 82% to 76% which is not a major one. And the temperature went from 31 degrees Celcius to 40 download stock firmware degrees Celcius. Yet you can see the display on POCO X3 Pro at max brightness while outdoors. As this one comes with a big camera bump, the phone wobbles a lot when tapped on the upper-half portion of the screen from the sides. Though the wobbling is not there when tapped from the lower end of the phone.

It’s not too distracting, it’s just something to note, and given the cost of this smartphone, it’s not a dealbreaker. Stereo sound is offered with a combination of a bottom-firing speaker and the earpiece. At full volume, the entire chassis vibrates, but it doesn’t affect the sound quality. It’s not exactly great for music, but for videos and movies the sound profile is fairly good.

  • Charge the phone at least 50% without interrupting the flashing process with a low battery.
  • You can easily expect two more major Android updates which are great.
  • The quad-camera setup protrudes another 2 millimeters from the case, which makes the Xiaomi wobble quite a bit when it’s placed on a table.
  • High quality camera is our top priorityTo accommodate the faster processor, Poco X3 Pro has had its camera hardware reduced.

Budget Xiaomi phones seem often to last a long time. The Poco X3 Pro will last almost two days for many people, and this kind of staying power is perfect for gamers.

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